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It's a weapons/npc/items/critters/maps/scripts/dialogues/fixes/car mod. All in one.

The main idea is: you can go through the whole game using only one class of weapons. If you want to use energy weapons only, now you can. If you want to go through the game with a melee character, just go ahead! The weapons and their parameters are changed, and you'll find more powerful weapons of every class as you go further and further through the game. The game is NOT so well balanced (it was hard to make it perfect), so you might find big guns very powerful, but don't forget they need many action points to be used. Melee weapons are not so strong, but they require less action points etc... There are some moments during the game, where scripts give you weapon/equipment/items etc. depending on your skills. Some shopkeepers will sell you nice equipment if you pass weapon class skill check (e.g. if you have 125% or more of energy weapons skill, a shopkeeper will sell you a big-bad-mo-fo energy weapon). The conclusion: choose your favourite weapon class and boost it through the game. That's the main idea of this mod. Other things in this mod (as bug fixes, dialogue changes etc.) you might find useful, too. For the list of all changes, refer to the next few sections.

How to install:

1. Install Fallout 2 game
2. Apply official 1.02d US patch (we need its' EXE, actually)
3. Install Survivor mod (be sure it's the latest version, I already made one critical update!)
4. Play it!
5. Don't combine other mods with Survivor mod! (You can do it, but strange things may happen!)



-28 new weapons, 4 new ammo types

-In the Temple of Trials (Arroyo) you'll find Vault Dwellers weapon and the message. Which weapon you're gonna find depends on the weapon skill you tagged. If none of the weapon skills are tagged, script shall give you a "small class" weapon by default. The skills you can tag and get a weapon are:
If two (or more) of these skills are tagged, the priority of choosing will be set as it's mentioned above (e.g. if you have MELEE WEAPONS and THROWING tagged, you shall get a melee weapon).

-Going through the game using one weapon class is recommended for these class only:


-Davin mod (made by myself, based on the Miria mod made by Stone-D). Davin mod is made for female charcters ONLY, and is designed to substitute Miria if you play with a female character (or if you ARE a female). He levels-up and has the same skills as Miria. His text (floaters and such) is completely different, though!
-Miria mod included (thanks to Stone-D)
-This mod DOES NOT include girl critter (made by me)!!! This critter is made for the "Mutants Rising" mod and you'll be able to see it in that mod.


-Many items positions (approxim. 70% of them) are changed. Quest items are NOT affected with this (mostly, BUT some of them are - they are usually placed on the same map as before, just search for them).
-There are books (Scout handbook, Deans electronics etc.) hidden on some maps. Explore maps and you might spot them!


-Almost all of the armed critters have their weapon(s) and ammo in the active slots now (it's not possible to steal it from their active slots). It reduce ammount of stolen ammo and weapons in the game.
-Shopkeepers won't trade with you if you don't pass level-check. No more running to NCR or San Francisco on the game beginning to buy/steal good things and then play the game!
-No more stealing from the shopkeepers (or you'll have to fight them)! Fair trade rule (and Barter skill should be more important now).
-Many improved critters (fixed scripts)


-San Francisco, NCR (Westin ranch, Carlson estate) and Broken Hills areas contain more items now!
-You can't enter Military Base anytime you want. This can be solved in two different ways. The solution is written in the spoilers section.


-81 scripts changed or corrected.
-some new options are now available (money and xp can be earned, too), due to fixed bugs - check out bug/glitch/exploit fixes!!!


-26 dialogues changed (from slightly to drastic), 8 game text files changed.


-New car, modeled, textured, FRM-ed and ready. It looks like the car that Mad Max used to drive. The neame is pretty similar, too! ;)



-The Duntons (Klamath) will each spawn a Spiked Knuckles in their first combat round unless they already have one. You can make this happen just by entering combat mode and clicking turn, then using Steal to get them, and repeat >> fixed exploit! Now they SPAWN Spiked Knuckles only once (if you attack them).

-Whiskey Bob (Klamath) gives you 55$ after refueling his still, although you bartered the price to 65$ >> fixed bug! Now he'LL GIVE you 65$ for the solved quest.

-If you reveal the location of the Whiskey Bobs' still to Sajag, you get 100 xp, though it doesn't appear in the message window >> fixed glitch! The proper message IS SHOWN in the message window NOW.

-After rescuing Smiley the Trapper, Ardin (Klamath) will reward you with either Sulik's freedom (you get 500 xp although it doesn't show in the message window) or $100 >> fixed glitch! The proper message IS SHOWN in the message window NOW.

-In a shack to the southwest you can find a pair of Radscorpion Limbs, which have been used by the Duntons to masquerade as bugmen to get at Torr's cattle. Sadly there's no way to confront them about this (a snippet of such dialogue exists, but is unused), so the Limbs are worthless. >> fixed bug! You CAN CONFRONT them now, but you have to HAVE the Radscorpion Limbs in your INVENTORY (otherwise the "confrontation" dialogue path won't show).

-It's also possible to get xp for the quest "Guard the brahmin" (Klamath) twice. After you scare off the Duntons you can go to Torr and tell him you'll help guard the brahmin, which will reactivate the quest. Now kill the scorpions and leave and you'll get another 250 xp >> fixed exploit! Now you DON'T get 250xp for scarring off the Duntons, but you get 250xp if you help Torr guard the Brahmin.

-After you scare off the Duntons (Klamath) you can tell Torr to run away as well. This will let you get quest "Rescue Torr" and you get 150XP for sending him for "help".

-Female characters can exploit a scripting glitch which allows them to sleep with Slim (Klamath), then ask about the north side and sleep with him again, and so on, as long as they don't leave dialogue. >> fixed exploit! You can sleep only ONCE with him and then you get the key and LEAVE the dialogue.

-Sebastian Cassten adds: "You can actually gain 1000 xp for recruiting Sulik (Klamath). First do one of Ardin's quests and ask either for no reward or for Sulik's freedom so that you get 500 xp. Now before going to Maida, talk to Sulik. You will notice that he isn't free yet ('cause you haven't talked to Maida). You can now if you want to pay the 350 bucks for an additional 500 xp reward." >> fixed exploit! After you talk to Ardin, Sulik will be free. You can talk to Maida too, but it's not necessary (only if you want to go through all dialogue options in the game) :)

-Per Jorner wrote: Because you gain 2 karma for killing Flick, some people have concluded that this is a "good" thing, something with which I cannot agree. Nevertheless, killing them early on (bypassing Klamath, even) is a decent stupid shortcut technique for those who like that kind of game. >> fixed exploit! If you kill Tubby or Flick, you WON'T BE ABLE to take their shop inventory, but you'LL BE ABLE to take their personal inventory.

-Sleeping with Joey (Den) - Female characters can sleep with him for no gain. If you do, he'll move up a bit on the screen to a place east of Becky's casino, and after you leave the map he seems to disappear from the game entirely. So just don't sleep with him >> fixed bug! Now you can sleep with him for 60$ and 100XP (150$ and 250XP if you have KAMA SUTRA MASTER or SEX APPEAL), the time between "sessions" is 2 days. It can be done 4 times "ONLY". After each session Joey will have different comment (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!!!), just ask him how's goin'...

-If the shopkeeper of the specific kid(s) who stand beside doorways outside Becky's, Tubby's, Flick's and Frankie's (Den) is dead, the kid will just stand there accumulating items. >> fixed bug! After the death of the specific shopkeeper, the kids WON'T STEAL (and accumulate) items anymore.

-When you buy whisky from Rebecca (Den) she actually tries to run up and use a Booze on you. If you move away you don't get anything to drink but she still takes your money! >> fixed bug! Now she don't take your money, untill you get a booze ;)

-CORRECTED barter check with Metzger (Den) >> no more "for low barter skill you get high price for your party members" bug ;)

-Jo (Modoc) has a text glitch during a wedding (Instead of saying: "Do you XYZ take Davin for your..." he says "Do you Davin take XYZ for your...") >> Fixed glitch! Now the proper lines should show up.

-Fixed bug with sub-amenities shops (Vault City). Now they WON'T offer you lower prices if you're NOT a citizen, but higher. Once you BECOME a citizen, they ARE GOING TO offer you LOWER prices.

-Fixed bug with Valerie (Vault City). She GIVES you "super cattle prod" now (instead of normal "cattle prod", as it was before), if you choose 650$ dialogue path (barter).

-One croupier in New Reno now HAS regular dices; you can gamble normal at her table ;)

-After you've been to the Enclave, Eldridge (New Reno) says you'll get a discount but he overcharges you horribly, and if asked for upgrades he will attack! >> fixed bug! Now it works fine.

-When T-Ray (New Reno) mentions free batteries the message window will say "Error" and you get 1002 xp >> fixed bug! Now you GET 750 xp for getting free batteries, and the proper line IS BEING SHOWN.

-Tricking T-Ray (New Reno) into thinking you're a Made Man if you're not >> fixed bug! (SPEECH/CHARISMA check didn't work properly before)

-$2700 is taken from your inventory as soon as T-Ray (New Reno) mentions payment >> fixed bug! It's being taken AFTER you choose the proper line ("2700? Done. Here you are.")

-After T-Ray (New Reno) upgrades the trunk of the car, he'll offer you free "grav-plates" upgrade. If you agree, you can't buy the car back untill you finish the game >> fixed bug! Now you SHOULD GET THEM BACK immidiately after the "grav-plates" upgrade.

-T-Ray (New Reno) says you can buy batteries from him (and if you're Made Man of the Bishops you're supposed to get them for free), but he never has any >> fixed bug! He WON'T SELL any ONLY if you have 600 SMALL ENERGY CELLS ***OR*** 600 MICRO FUSION CELLS in your inventory (so, if you want them REALLY BAD, remove some cells from your inventory [<600] before talking to T-Ray!)

-If you're a female character and sleep with T-Ray (New Reno) for ENERGY CELLS or the CAR UPGRADE, both things SHOULD WORK now correctly (fixed bug!)

-*If you're a female character and sleep with T-Ray (New Reno) he might explode and the game crashes >> fixed bug (?) CHECK IT OUT!*

-If you buy mine parts for the Broken Hills from Renesco (New Reno), you GET money, instead of "GIVING" it and there's a message "GIVE_RENESCO_CAPS 100" (or "200") in the message window >> fixed bug/glitch! Now the money will be properly DEDUCTED and the message IS FIXED.

-If you barter with Bishop (New Reno) about murdering Westin in NCR, and ask for 750$ you'll get 1000$ instead >> fixed bug! NOW you'RE GONNA GET 750$ for a 750$ line (and 1000$ for a 1000$ line) of the dialogue.

-If you barter with Bishop (New Reno) about murdering Carlson in NCR, you don't get 500$ for it (getting 1000$ path for the job works, though) >> fixed bug! Now you GET 500$ OR 1000$, depending on the agreement with Mr.Bishop.


- Vic has 90 Hit Points on 3rd level, not 78 (as it was before).


-In the caves with scorpions, there are "Bones", containing useful weapons. Weapon are spawned depending on your weapon skills. In other words, which of your weapon skills is the most boosted, that weapon category shall spawn!

-First time you enter map with Renesco (New reno 3), he will have 3 books in his inventory (you can buy it). This will happen ONLY the first time you enter the map!

-Metal pole can be found on two maps in the game (one is Chinatown in San Francisco), or just talk to Goris (you must question him!) and after that the metal pole will be positioned on the Military Base entrance map.

-There's a container with useful ammo in the Hubologists base. Look for the sleeping room with many containers in it. Search through containers on the left.


This mod is freeware. You can download it, play it, copy it, delete it, but you can't sell it - because it's a non-profit project. You can't use a part or parts of the mod without permission of the author. All rights reserved.
Miria mod is property of Stone-D.

Additional info, upgrades and news about the mod on the homepage:

Official forum page:

1.6 THANKS TO...

Thanks to all people who sacrifice themselves, so this awesome game can live on.
Personal thanks go to:

NWSgames (for starting a Mutants Rising mod, which gave me idea for making this one)
TeamX (for the best modding utils, script sources, friendly contacts)
Stone-D (for Miria mod)
Dude_obj (for making ModdingFAQ)
Per Jorner (for writing "The nearly ultimate Fallout2 walkthrough")
Many others (for many other things)

Thanks to those people, I've been able to release updates, fix bugs and make this mod more enjoyable:

Mod Whore (from nma)