||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [100%] [1 of 1] locations design
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [_81%] [21 of 26] scripts, ~550 dialogue lines
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [100%] [3 of 3] map levels
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [_96%] [23 of 24] new entities (items, critters...)
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [_45%] [1.8 of 4] new art
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [100%] [0 of 0] new sounds
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [__0%] [0 of 2] movies
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| [__6%] [various] worldmap, txt files, misc.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: from April 21st, 2007 all news will be posted at the FMC website! Only the Survivors mod progress table on the top of this page will be updated weekly.

First of all, the new Fallout2 mod known as Vintage Firearms has been finally finished by Wounded Ronin and available for download. I already announced the mod last week, so you probably know it's a weapons/ammo/items mod. A few screenshots and weapons images are available as well:

Here's a part of the "readme.txt" file which comes with the mod:

I have replaced most of the Small Guns and Big Guns from Fallout 2 with real-world vintage firearms such as 1911s and RPKs. I am a big fan of the rugged power of vintage weapons and part of my purpose in creating this mod was to celebrate the idea that "they don't make them how they used to." I have also tried to make combat a little more realistic in spite of of the hitpoint-driven style of Fallout and I've basically done this by making the following changes:

* Pistols and weapons chambered to fire pistol cartridges do less damage hit-for-hit than those which use shotgun shells or rifle cartridges
* Burst fire ammo expenditure reflects two seconds of automatic fire when the game is dealing with a real world weapon
* Most of the Small Guns and Big Guns in the game can be thought of in terms of the following categories: Pistols, which are relatively weak but only require one hand to use, Submachineguns, which require less APs to use than bigger guns and which have the benefit of burst fire, Carbines, which are like beefed up pistols requiring two hands, Rifles, which use powerful catridges and which may have burst fire but which require more APs to use than submachineguns, Shotguns, which are effective at close range against unarmored targets, and Machine Guns, which are unwieldly but absolutely devastating in the right hands

Also, ammo and alcohol items were tweaked and somewhat changed.

Old Weapon -> Replaced By

Pipe Rifle -> De Lisle carbine
10mm SMG -> M3A1 "Grease Gun"
10mm Pistol -> 1911
Minigun -> RPD
Rocket Launcher -> M20
Hunting Rifle -> Winchester Model 70
Deagle -> Winchester 1894 Trapper
14mm Pistol -> M1 Carbine
Assault Rifle -> AK 47
Frag Grenade -> mkII Pineapple
Sniper Rifle -> M1 Garand
5.56 Pistol -> M1941 Johnson Rifle (insert "Big Johnson" joke here)
Assault Shotgun -> Remington M870
HK CAWS -> Remington Model 1100
Tommy Gun -> PPsh-41
That weird version of the FNFAL which was better on full auto -> M14E2
P90 -> Sten Gun
Magnum Revolver -> Smith and Wesson Model 29
M3A1 "Grease Gun" -> PPS-43
Bozar -> M1C Sniper Rifle
FNFAL -> M14
G11 -> Mauser k98k
That futuristic assault rifle -> AKMSU
Jackhammer -> Winchester Model 1912
M249 -> BAR
Avenger Minigun -> RPK
G11E -> FG42-2 Paratroop Rifle
Vindicator Minigun -> MG42
Jesus Knife -> Japanese Imperial Army Katana

The mod is compatible with the 1.02 US Patch as well as with the Killap's Patch Final A (and B). Along with other features (for the full list of changes download the mod archive and read the "readme.txt" file yourself) this is a reason more to try it out. Enjoy!

More good news comes from the BGE mod project - they decided to show us some of their recent artwork. Most of the new graphics looks cool, although some of the toughest Fallout fans find the car (Dodge Charger) a bit out of the original game cannon (link). Anyway, the people from the BGE team deserve congratulations. Enjoy the screenshots, two of them were presented a few weeks ago (NPC named Michelle and the Cliff with a Caravan Office):

Interested in converting Fallout to Source (Half-Life2) engine? The idea has been posted by Lodle, you can read all about it in this thread. Lodle promises a good concept soon and claims that he's versed in the Source. All he needs now is a small team which could help him do it.

Now that the Vintage Firearms Mod is complete, I'm continuing my work on the Survivors Mod. There should be some updates next week, stay tuned! Also, the news page is moving to the FMC page, which is easier to update.

News update for this week comes with one day delay, because I was rather busy yesterday to finish the update yesterday.

Development of the Survivors mod is currently paused, since I'm giving my best to help Wounded Ronin to finish and release his first Fallout2 mod. We've been working on it for the time being, trying to bring you one more reason to beat this great game once again. "Vintage Firearms" mod is a weapon/items mod, which brings some refreshment to the default Fallout2 weapons, ammo and items. Let's not spoil the whole thing, because the mod will be available soon, approximately in a week or two.

New Fallout Modding Centre is now available in English too. Jargo, creator of the site says: "It's meant to be an interactive place, where everyone interested in playing and modding Fallout games can post news, comments, write or read tutorials, download or even upload files." So, don't linger and start enjoying the interactivity yourself, the address is:

Cubik let us know that he has finished his unofficial patch for Wasteland Merc 2 mod, inspired by small "Faster Cooking patch v1.0" by Macros. The patch makes starting the game easier, resolves some controverses about it and improves gameplay. The full list of changes and the mod itself can be found on the New Fallout Modding Centre website.

According to this thread @NMA Forums, Sirren has made two new critters. These probably won't be available for download soon, since they're intended to be used in the upcoming BGE mod. Sirren promised that the source files, made in Anim8or, will be available soon too, providing whole animation rigs. Using those pre-made rigs it should be possible to make and animate new critters easier than ever before. Some tutorials were promised too, but we'll have to wait for a while. Finally, there's the image showing one of the new critters:

Bunch of news for this update! First of all, the name of the mod has been finally determined - and that is SURVIVORS. It seemed somehow easier to handle than "Survivor 2". And there are some survivors in the mod, of course. Also, I've finished one more script this week, the game area has been defined and the worldmap is almost complete! There's a small picture illustrating the area, including the great part of Arizona, and parts of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico:

Other news: Fallout Fatal Fault mod is dead. You can read the official statement about it from the mod leader. Too bad, another one bites the dust.

Some good news as well - Jargo, the creator of the Fallout Script Editor (FSE) and Cubik2k decided to start the New Fallout Modding Centre (FMC). Unfortunately, it's currently in Polish only. Nonetheless, congratulations for such a move!
(UPDATED) And here's what one of the FMC creators Cubik2k says about it: "The idea of the webpage is to help Fallout1/2 modders and promote mods, editors, etc for these games. Also, modding Fallout Tactics will be covered and there should be a section in English too." Good news!

Also, our modder fellow Sirren managed to improve his Robot Andy, naming it Freewheeling Andy MkII. It looks very cool, and here's the sample of his work (it should be available for download soon):

Last but not least, Wounded Ronin has (almost) finished his Fallout 2: Vintage Firearms MOD. The mod is currently in the testing stage and will be available for download soon, stay tuned!

This weekly update brings you the latest Survivor 2 MOD progress table. As you can see, some progress has been made. I've finished a few more scripts and added one more dialogue. Also, I made the first piece of art, namely the town map of the first location. However, I decided not to show any of the finished materials until the mod gets in the final phase of development.

Among other news - long time anticipated and finally available post-apocalyptic genre game has hit the shelves, and that is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl. The game made a certain success, at least according to the critics, since most of those underline the games atmosphere. Lexx bought the game a few days ago and started a small thread about it on the forums, so if you're interested in joining the discussion, feel free to stop by and share your opinion.

Also, it seems that Lich has been active again. If you didn't already know it, he's the author of the Black Steel 1 and Black Steel 2 MODs. This time he presented a few very interesting ideas about making a new Fallout2 mod, for more info about his concepts check out this thread @NMA Forums.

Welcome to the regular weekly update! This week was a busy one, just look at the Survivor2 MOD progress table. Most of the time was consumed by scripts and dialogues, then fixing bugs and creating new entities and so on... I'm proud to say that there's 500 dialogue lines at this stage, meaning there will be more once I complete the location. A small comparison - the Arroyo area contains 784 dialogue lines, so you can imagine the approximate size of the starting location.

I believe most of you have heard about Alex, the author of the famous The Water Chip comic which follows the story of the first Fallout game in a rather interesting way. Namely, the comic is based on the character created by Alex, who's fighting his way through the wasteland to save the Vault13. The last time I was checking out the website there were 6 episodes completed. Now there's 10 of those, so you better go there and read them yourself.

This week I was working on the missing death animations for the giant ants in Fallout2. The death caused by electrical damage was represented by default death animations, so I took some time and made the whole new set. The new animations can be downloaded as part of the Fallout2 Graphics Update Patch or directly from here. Within the archive is the readme.txt file explaining how to install the new animations. Last, but not least - the sample:

That's it for this week, I hope the Fallout2 modding scene will be more active in the next 7 days, so we can enjoy more good news.

It looks like the things start to rumble. First of all, there's the updated Survivor2 MOD progress table. As you can see, most of the work is in the green area, meaning the very first location of the MOD is about to be finished in the next 1-2 weeks. I'll post more details about it once it gets finished.

On the other side, there seems to be some progress among Fallout2 modding forces. The impression of the week award goes to the Tower of Creation modding team for creating a new talking head for their upcoming Between Good & Evil MOD. More info about it can be found in this thread at the NMA forums.

In the other news: Pirate85, creator of the Fallout2: WIN MOD (Waffen-Items-NPC MOD) was improving his MOD all this time, and here's the homepage with the latest version (v1.21). It's now called Evoultion-MOD and there are two versions of it (full=24.3MB, lite=4.2MB), but only in German. However, if you're into learning or (even better) speak German, be sure to check the mod out!

A Canadian known as Glovz published his new damage calculation formula, which should make the AP and JHP ammo work properly. In this thread of the NMA forums he presents his formula, but it'll be (very probably) never implemented in the game, since we don't have the source code of the Fallout2 game engine (in other words - damage formula is currently hard-coded in the game engine). I'm really not an expert for it, so I can't confirm if there's a-work-around for this, but if you're really interested - you can ask Glovz more about it.

Finally, the old geezer Lexx is looking for artists which could help him make the images of three premade characters for his MOD. Anyone interested in helping him can send him an e-mail to the address which can be found here.

After a long pause, here we go again. I decided to redesign the website a bit, making it easier to maintain. Hope you like the new style.

Also, there are some news added to this page. As you probably have noticed it already, there's the Survivor2 progress table, which should provide more info about the work on the mod. This will be updated from time to time, staying on the top of the news page for better overview.

In the other news, there is a bad one. Cubik2k has informed me that the New Life MOD development has been aborted. Too bad, I was hoping this one is going to make it. According to Cubik2k's words, he's helping the guys working on the New Arroyo MOD to get it finished. Unfortunately, he didn't mentioned the progress rate of this mod, but there's a whole thread over @NMA forums about it.

However, there are some good news too. First of all, the good ol' Mutants Rising MOD is alive and kicking! You won't find these news on their homepage, so I suggest interested parties to jump over to the MR mod forum and inform theirselves more. Among new members, which are giving their best to keep the mod alive, is Chris Parks (known for his "The Modoc and Cold Hearts mod") and MIB88 (creator of the "Megamod"). The few old members are still active, and one of them is myself - I promised to SNorth (author of the novel "Beneath the mask" and the lead writer for the MR mod) that I'll try to supervise the project and help a bit from time to time.

Another good news are coming from the Czech Republic. Namely, the group known as Tower of Creations has announced their new Fallout2 mod called Beyond Good & Evil. The link to their homepage can be found in the links section of this website, and there's a possibility to contact one of the team members over @Survivor forums. His nickname is kure, so if you got any questions or feedbacks, feel free find him there (also, you can post it in this thread). In the end, some screenshots:

Lexx let us know that he made a small preview of his Shattered Destiny MOD, showing the gameplay, level design and some basic interactions with NPCs. In the last few days he's been working on the demo, trying to finish it, but also adding some new features (I've been helping him about it for a while), e.g. vomiting if player is radiated or poisoned. Good work Lexx!

In the end, I hope this page won't stay inactive for too long, as it was during the last 10 months. Now, back to work.